Don’t Say More Than You Should at Your Deposition

When sitting at your deposition in a personal injury case, you may be afraid of accidentally saying the wrong thing. It’s ok to be nervous, and Todd White, your Harris County personal injury attorney will help prepare you for the deposition.

Beware of Open-Ended Questions

The opposing counsel will try to make you open up and get you to say more than you should. One way they might do this is to try to make you feel more at home by asking open-ended questions. Attorneys know that making the witness feel comfortable and acting extremely nice might result in more revealing answers.

Be Suspicious of Excessive Niceness

There is usually no reason for the attorney questioning you to be unfriendly, certainly not at the beginning, when basic questions are being asked. But the lawyer might try to be very friendly, knowing that it’s at the beginning when kindness will have the greatest effect. The attorney will expect you to be nervous at the beginning and will think that acting friendly toward you will put you at ease. During the opening questions, the lawyer might remind you that you can take a break at any time, or he might offer to fill your cup of water. Simple acts of kindness like these can help relieve your nervous tension, which is how they get you to open up. A nervous witness might be more inclined to clam up, forget important details, or adopt a defensive tone, which doesn’t help them.

If you have further questions about your deposition, contact Todd White, your Harris County personal injury attorney, for a free initial consultation.

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